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Aloha & Welcome to Vegan Living

My wife (Jen) and I moved from the LA subburbs to Maui, Hawaii a few years ago, to raise our daughter (Coral) in paradise.  We weren't always vegan, but over time it seemed to find us.

My transition to becoming vegan started with nutritional education then watching all the various documentaries related to plant based diets on Netflex.  While I was raised in a great family, with 'normal' ethical and food standards, I wish my parents knew what I know now.

My daughter is being raised vegan and while some parents may think this is an impossible feat, especially given all the seemingly unhelathy food choices kids tend to navigate towards, its probably the easiest, cheapest, most healthy diet you could ever put them on!

Follow my journey to find out just how easy and satisfying being a vegan truly can be...

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